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Our VDWS Kitecenter offers you everything you can expect from a modern kite station. We have qualified instructors at your disposal, who with passion, fun and experience will help you to learn your new sport, give you the necessary confidence after a longer break or boost you to the next level in intensive courses. Here all your questions about kiting (spot, choice of material, ...) will be answered, the latest core material is available for testing or rental and in our shop you can supplement or renew your equipment. We have been working with CORE kites for years. We have XR, GTS and NEXUS kites available, so that we have the right material for every riding style. Every season we change the kites, so that you always kite with the latest material.

Kite lessons

Our two shallow and spacious training areas in combination with our dedicated, experienced and certified instructors offer you the optimal conditions for your entry into the fascinating sport of kiting. With constant wind from morning till late at night, only you - and maybe your fitness - decide how much time you want to spend on the water! Here you will definitely make it - even if it might not have worked out anywhere else!

You've already completed your first few metres, would like to go really high or finally know a particular trick? Our instructors will be happy to help you with that too. In order for you to achieve the best possible learning success, all our courses, unlike in most kite schools, take place with only 2 students per instructor or in private lessons.

With us there is no mass processing, no prescribed times - we only focus on you and your wishes.

After completing a kite course, we offer VDWS kite licenses and exams to classify your kite level. The VDWS kite card will become your constant companion: it is useful for renting equipment and serves as proof of your VDWS kite training.
*prices are for In-House guests, external guests differing

Individual lessons: Intensive course for all entry levels, course content adapted to your level.

Refresh: We give you security after a longer break.

Beginner/Basic: Your first steps (assembly and disassembly of the kite, safety systems, first flight exercises, controlled starting and landing of the kite, wind window, safe control of the kite in the water, bodydragging, first waterstart exercises, theoretical basics).

Beginner/complete: Up to independence (basic content plus self rescue measures, kite relaunch in the water, bodydragging upwind, waterstart and riding in both directions, right of way rules).

Advanced/Extended: One step further (controlled riding and kiting upwind, controlling the speed, changing direction without stopping, independent kitesurfing).

Advanced/complete: Probably your last course (extended content plus switch, different turning manoeuvres, theory of jumping technique and first jumps).


3h incl. complete equipment
We give you security after a longer break
2:1 (2 students per teacher) 137 €
1:1 (private lesson) 189 €

Beginner Basic

6h incl. complete equipment
Your first steps
  • theoretical basics, wind window
  • security systems
  • assembly and disassembly of the kite
  • controlled starting and landing of the kite
  • first flight exercises
  • safe control of the kite in water
  • bodydragging
  • first waterstart exercises
2:1 (2 students per teacher) 267 €
1:1 (private lesson) 369 €

Beginner Complete

10h incl. complete equipment
Until independency
  • basic contents plus self rescue measures
  • kite relaunch in the water
  • bodydragging upwind
  • water start and riding in both directions
  • right of way rules
2:1 (2 students per teacher) 376 €
1:1 (private lesson) 559 €

Advanced Extended

6h incl. complete equipment
One step further
  • controlled riding and gaining height
  • control of forward speed
  • changing the direction of travel without stop
  • independent kitesurfing
2:1 (2 students per teacher) 267 €
1:1 (private lesson) 369 €

Advanced Complete

10h incl. complete equipment
Probably your last course
  • extended content plus switch
  • various turning manoeuvres
  • theory of jumping technique and first jumps
2:1 (2 students per teacher) 376 €
1:1 (private lesson) 559 €

Intensive course for all levels

1h incl. complete equipment
Training content adapted to your level
2:1 (2 students per teacher) 48 €
1:1 (private lesson) 70 €


Forget the extra packing stress (what sizes do I take with me? My bordbag is already too heavy again! Maybe I should get a new harness after all?). You don´t need the annoying check-in procedure plus extra fees.

With our very reasonable rental prices it is hardly worth taking your own equipment with you on the trip.

To guarantee you the greatest fun and learning success, we only equip our station with the newest and most suitable equipment. We change our equipment every season, so you can always use the latest kite and board.

With the latest kites from Core, boards from Future, Nobile, F-One and others, we are always able to provide you with the most suitable equipment.

*prices are for In-House guests, external guests differing

Complete equipment
  • kite
  • bar
  • board
  • harness
  • helmet
  • leash
  • neoprene shoes
  • impact protection vaist
1 day 85 €
1 week 455 €
2 weeks 770 €
Kite and bar
You only need the right kite!?
  • Kite
  • Bar
1 day 60 €
1 week 315 €
You want to experimente with other boards?
  • Board
1 day 25 €
1 week 125 €

Storage and station usage fee

For storage and use of the station (incl. beach boys, showers, compressor, grass area, ...) you only pay 10 € per day or 60 € per week.

For our pousada guests of course free of charge.


We also constantly offer downwinders for experienced kiters. The downwinder of Almofala is particularly varied. We bring you with our pick up to the nearby Almofala (approx. 20 minutes). After you set up on the very wide sandy beach, you start through the shorebreak into the sea. After approx. 3 km we walk over a small sandbank into the river, which runs parallel to the beach for approx. 5.5 km and then flows into the sea. There you will find plain water to "play" with and a beautiful landscape to enjoy. After we rode the waves again for about 1 km in the sea, we make a side trip to the "Secret Spot". This is located at the very beginning of the lagoon and offers behind a shallow sandbank also extremely smooth water and a large landing area. Here you can practice your latest trick without any danger. Finally, we kite the last 2 km back on the sea to the Pousada, where we arrive after 2-3 hours, happy and exhausted.

Price incl. guide approx. 20 € (depending on number of participants)

Acarau approx. 25 km: Here you start with the guide directly at our beach. You kite about 25 km on the sea along the coast to the beach of Acarau, where you will be picked up by one of our drivers.

Price incl. guide approx. 20 € (depending on number of participants)

Espraiado about 12 km: Also for this downwinder we start directly at our beach. At the sea it goes along the coast about 12 km downwind to the Baracca of Flavia. There you can enjoy fresh lobsters and a cold beer. Afterwards we pick you up and bring you back to our pousada. This downwinder is perfect for your "first downwind/beginners".

Price incl. guide approx. 20 € (depending on number of participants)

Downwind individually or on your own: Even though the Ilha has a lot to offer as a kite spot, even the most adventurous among you can get more. If you can't get enough, there are hardly any limits here on the north-east coast of Brazil. Guided and accompanied downwinders of over 1000 km in 12 days are offered by various partners.

In addition to our downwind offers, we can also organise trips of several days with our partner station in Taiba for wave fans.

Price for individually guided tour on request.

Conditions for participation of kite lessons

  1. The kite lessons include instructions on land and on the water, in practice and in theory.
  2. Participation in kite lessons is at your own risk. A claim for damages is excluded in case of an accident.
  3. No liability is assumed by the school for persons not taking part in lessons as well as for clothes or valuables.
  4. The course participant is liable for willful or grossly negligent damages. These are to be replaced according to the official "VDWS Safety Tool" price table.
  5. When renting the training material after the lessons, the rental conditions apply.
  6. By attending the lessons the participant declares that he has taken note of the conditions of the lesson.
  7. The prices of the 2: 1 lessons are for two students, one teacher and one equipment. Special arrangements must be made separately. If no second student participates in the booked 2: 1 lessons, the number of lessons will be reduced by 1/3 and private lessons will be given for the same price.
  8. The participant assures that he can swim in open water for at least 20 minutes. There are no health concerns about his participation. The participant is not under narcotics, alcohol or medications that may interfere with the lessons.
  9. The participant will follow the instructions of the teachers. Participants who disrupt a course on a lasting basis, do not follow the instructions of the staff, or deliberately endanger themselves and other participants, can be excluded from the course. A refund of the course fee is excluded in this case.
  10. The invalidity of individual agreements does not result in the ineffectiveness of the remaining agreements.


  1. The renter accepts the material as inspected. The landlord assumes no liability for hidden defects and design errors. Any claims against the manufacturer are hereby assigned.
  2. The renter guarantees that he knows the applicable emergency signs, that he feels equal to the physical exertions of practicing sports and can swim in open water for at least 20 minutes.
  3. Attention has to be kept to the landlord's instructions during the rental period.
  4. The landlord expressly points out that the tenancy does not include any training or further supervisory duties.
  5. The renter has to hand over the material after expiry of the rental period at the agreed place. Any damage found shall be deemed to have arisen during the rental period, unless indicated to the lessor upon receipt of the material. The renter is liable for damages caused by him or a third party during the rental period. These are to be replaced according to the official "VDWS Safety Tool" price table.
  6. If lost, the current value of the material must be paid. If the material appears again, the rental price of the material will be charged for the days that have been lost.
  7. The renter undertakes to report any damage incurred after each session immediately and to dismantle the material properly and to store it in the kite school.
  8. For damages of third parties caused by the material, the renter assumes liability and releases the landlord insofar.
  9. We recommend the conclusion of the VDWS Safety Tool, which covers both damage to the material incurred during the rental and material damage to third parties.
  10. No liability is assumed for valuables and clothes left at the station.
  11. The invalidity of individual agreements does not result in the ineffectiveness of the remaining agreements.

one of the
world's best and most windproof kite spots

No matter if you are a beginner or a pro: we clearly have the best conditions here and 6 months of 100% wind safety. From July to January a constant strong wind blows daily over the lagoon. The wind blows sideshore, with a strength of 23 to 30 knots.

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The lagoon with standing and shallow water area is about 5 km long and about 700 m wide. There are perfect conditions for beginners as well as for training, learning and perfecting tricks.

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